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Hey flower friend,

Meet the teachers sharing their invaluable knowledge within Wildflower Academy

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Hey flower friend,

Meet the teachers sharing their invaluable knowledge within Wildflower Academy

"My mission is to give passionate creatives the tools and confidence to achieve their floral dreams"

Ash is the passionate and creative owner of the luxury floral design company Film and Foliage and founder of Wildflower Academy.

She discovered her love for floristry over 12 years ago when she completed her formal training, however, she faced outdated attitudes and lack of resources within the industry during her studies. Despite being marked down for exploring her creative style and trialing sustainable techniques, she continued to pursue her passion for floristry.

After completing her studies, Ash landed a full-time job running the florals department of a busy styling company for 2 years before she decided it was time to create her own business. Although she was out of her depth, her determination and passion for large-scale floral installations, which were not taught in her studies, drove her to develop her own techniques and personal style. Her floral explosions have enhanced more than 700 weddings over the past decade.

Ash's passion for sustainability led her to research and incorporate sustainable techniques and values into her practice, creating innovative new designs and educating her clients. She slowly fell in love with being a business owner, working for herself and designing the lifestyle she had always wanted.


As her business grew, Ash began to share more of her techniques and the behind-the-scenes of her business online

Seeing the value people gained from her sharing her knowledge inspired a new passion for helping her fellow flower lovers overcome their own boundaries and create their dream floral journey. Hence, she founded Wildflower Academy, where she shares her expertise and helps aspiring florists achieve their full potential.

Ash's inspiring journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and passion. Her warm personality, innovative designs, and dedication to sustainability make her a true leader in the floristry industry.


"The most important thing is to work out what people are viewing how long they're viewing it for and then, how to keep people viewing your stuff, which is kind of what we've tapped into. Since we tapped into it, it's gone pretty wild."


Bryce's floral journey began over three years ago when he opened his creative space, September Studio, in Darlinghurst, combining ceramics and daily floristry. He aimed to create floral pieces that defied the local florist norm, and this unique approach quickly gained popularity both in-store and online.

Bryce's social media savvy catapulted him to over half a million followers on Instagram and TikTok, leading to collaborations with global brands like Lego, G.H. Mumm, and Armani. Through engaging content creation, he showcased his unique floral designs to a worldwide audience, making September Studio one of Australia's most followed florists in a remarkably short time.

He understands the power of social media and how to effectively use this to build and grow his business and get his product infront of an international audience and he's sharing it all with our Wildflower Academy Members. 


Graham is the principal florist behind Tweed Twigs, a floral artist based in Melbourne Victoria, a practice that uses flowers as a medium for expression and intention through events and installations.
He loves creating for the senses, through the minute details and the large.
The expanding perception of how we perceive flowers is often how he likes to create for both the clients and himself.

Graham feeds off his experience as an architect to redefine spaces and scale through my floral design to create an experience that elicits an emotional connection.

Wildflower Academy is so honoured to have Graham teach our members about his unique design process, weaving a narrative throughout his blooms and designing intentional floral art.


Josh Jay is an accomplished Australian photographer with 15 years of experience capturing beautiful and unforgettable moments at weddings all around the world.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling through his photography, Josh has established himself as a top-tier wedding photographer.

Recently, he has turned his attention to online photography and business education, leveraging his years of experience to help aspiring photographers and entrepreneurs succeed in the industry.

Through his courses and workshops, Josh has become a respected voice in the photography community, sharing his expertise and empowering others to pursue their passions.

Josh shares his photography knowledge within the Wildflower Academy Membership. Teaching you how to best capture and edit your floral creations using a camera and a smart phone.



Rachael Cullen is a renowned florist and the proud owner of Botanica Bird. With over 8 years of experience in the floral industry, Rachael has made a name for herself by providing exceptional floral services for weddings, corporate events, and editorial shoots. While Rachael has diversified her offerings over the years, her passion for flowers remains unwavering.

At Botanica Bird, Rachael emphasizes the values of sustainability, local sourcing, and community involvement. Her mission is to create beautiful floral designs while also doing her part to protect the environment and support local businesses. Beyond just being a talented florist, Rachael is a pioneer in sustainable floristry. From event installations to her 100% compostable flower delivery services, she is committed to reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of her business.

Rachael's dedication to sustainability and community involvement extends beyond her work as a florist. She actively participates in her local community, sharing her knowledge and love for flowers with others. For Rachael, flowers are more than just a product; they bring joy and happiness to people's lives.

You can learn Rachael's techniques sourcing, creating and delivering beautiful and sustainable retail flowers to her community within the Wildflower Academy Membership.

Know the Rose

Inspired by the idea of wildly unique, hand-made creations, designer Rosie Browning began experimenting with dried flowers after seeing a growing disconnect from the natural world within society. Know the Rose began as an outlet, where Rosie could express her creativity whilst re-establishing a connection with nature and celebrating its beauty.

Since launching in 2020, Know the Rose has honoured its affinity for rustic, earthy decor, and its desire to invite nature back into the home. Along the way, there's been many early mornings and late nights dedicated to honing her craft, not to mention ferrying her iconic pop-ups to markets across Sydney, TV appearances, many mistakes and a whole lot of passion. And Rosie wouldn't have it any other way.

Join us as Rosie shares how she cleverly grew her business using TikTok in the Wildflower Academy Membership



"Why? Because life is short and business owners deserve to have the time to focus on the things
they love."

Sophie is the founder of SB Business Services. Also known as Newcastle’s resident work-life balance enthusiast and business management guru.

Spending over 10 years in Executive Management, Sophie has honed her skills in financial services, marketing management and business development. Whilst filling roles such as Operations Manager and Marketing / PR Advisor, Sophie’s passion for refining the back-end processes of running a business was ignited.

Leveraging her expertise in services such as bookkeeping, payroll and administration, Sophie has established herself as one of the country’s top Business Consultants, recognised nationally as a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

With exceptional strategic insight, Sophie has helped countless clients navigate the complex and ever-changing business landscape. Whether it’s training staff to be more efficient, implementing new systems or simply fine-tuning existing processes, Sophie’s approach is all about building strong and sustainable business processes that enables teams to work more efficiently and

Sophie has recently shifted her focus towards empowering aspiring business owners by sharing her wealth of business knowledge through educational materials such as her Small Business Checklist, Cashflow Toolkit and Xero Workshop and you'll find her sharing her invaluable knowledge within the Wildflower Academy Membership in June 2023

Lilly Chen is the freelance florist behind Squid Ink Floristry, based in Naarm/Melbourne.

After having 6 years of (retail and events) floristry experience under her belt, Lilly jumped head first into the freelance world in 2022 and hasn't looked back.

In just her first year of freelance floristry, Lilly has helped over 20 different floral businesses across VIC, TAS and NSW bring their creative visions to life for events such as Melbourne Fashion Week, corporate exhibitions, editorial shoots, and countless weddings.

In a short time, Lilly has firmly established herself as a sought-after and trusted freelancer, not only because of the quality of her work, adaptability and enthusiasm but also through her passion for networking and community.

Join us at Wildflower Academy, as Lilly shares her experience of the freelancing lifestyle and the lessons she has learnt along the way providing tools and invaluable knowledge to help you build your dream Freelance Florist career.

Maddison Walsh is a qualified florist working from her little studio based in beautiful, sunny Brisbane.

A creative soul, Maddie struggled to find her artistic niche throughout her childhood and adolescence. She never quite took to drawing, writing, or photography but quickly fell head over heels for the artistic arrangement of nature itself. Floral design became the answer to her artistic yearning, and she now lives, breathes and dreams flowers.

Maddie has been a qualified floral designer since 2016 and is extremely well versed in all aspects of floral design. After being educated by & working alongside some of Australia’s best florists, she has developed a soft, whimsical style inspired by romance & nature.

It didn't take long for her to make her way to the flower markets to start creating flowers to sell via her Instagram. Soon, she decided it might be a good idea to jump on TikTok and quickly found it grew her business in ways she never imagined possible.

You can find Maddie's insights into using social media successfully to grow her business within the Tiktok Module in the Wildflower Membership

Bronte Rose


Bronte Rose is a highly skilled florist with a passion for creating stunning floral arrangements. With nine years of experience in the industry, Bronte has honed her craft and developed a keen eye for design. At just 24 years old, she has already made a name for herself as the owner of The Flower Posse.

One of Bronte's unique talents lies in her ability to capture the essence of her work through social media. She has gained significant recognition for her captivating day-in-the-life style TikTok videos, where she takes her followers on a journey through her daily activities as a florist. These videos not only showcase her creativity and attention to detail but also provide valuable insights and tricks of the trade for aspiring florists and flower enthusiasts.

Her TikTok has grown a loyal following who eagerly anticipate her next creation.
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