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“Adding one more stem won’t hurt”

On our recent live call within Wildflower Academy, someone asked what to do when you always feel like you need to add more flowers to your bunches and I wanted to share my answer as it's a common urge every florist has experienced! (if you haven't I envy you)

The underlying feeling behind wanting to pop in a few more stems, grab that extra bunch at the markets or over-deliver is that what we are bringing to the table is not enough. 

This could come down to your own feelings of imposter syndrome or not feeling confident in your flower skills.

If you feel the urge to bulk up your bunches this Valentine's, here are a few practical tips that you can do instead:


Tip 1. Ensure that your marketing isn't over promising or showing an inauthentic version of your offering

Be real about what it is that you're serving

If you are educating your clients on the value of flowers, showing the unfiltered images of your work, managing expectationgs and showing up as yourself (not pretending to be anyone else but you) your audience is going to connect with you, trust you and love the final product.


Tip 2. Offer a higher spend option

If you are always wanting to make your bunches bigger, fuller, and you are craving to add all these extra flowers in, then offer an option that is exactly that so that people can choose to buy it. 

You can create the bunches that you desire, and promote the ones you really want to sell. Fufill your creative dreams and don't mess around with that profit margin!


Tip 3. Add on a bonus and make it obvious!

Over-delivering is a business techinque to improve the client experience, build goodwill and create repeat customers. 

So do it properly! 

Make sure they know that they are getting an upgrade. This way, they can then feel chuffed about it. You adding in an extra rose runs the risk of the customer not even noticing that you've done it, plus you’re just lowering your profit margins. 

If you feel like you need to add more for up a really great customer experience, you can do that, but make sure that customer is talking about it to everyone they know.

Now let's talk about your mindset and how you can tackle the feeling of “my flowers aren't good enough” or “my wrapping isn't nice enough”. 

If you don't feel like what you’re offering is to the standard that you want this is completely normal, and it means you actually give a damn. 

This feeling is also an indicator that you have a knowledge gap that you need to fill.

When I didn't like my wedding bouquets I hated the feeling of delivering them as I wasn't producing the standard I wanted to - so I dove headfirst into practicing my bouquets at every chance I had. 

I watched tutorials, bought flowers, practiced, practiced, practiced.

My skills evolved and my confidence grew.

Tackle that knowledge gap and change your entire mindset about wanting to over-stuff your bunches or grab that extra "just in case" bucket of flowers on your market run.

If you're feeling like your designs are lacking, jump into our extensive library of floral tutorials and level up your flower skills within the Membership, see you in there flower lover!