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Member Spotlight: Botanical Quarter business community floral career floristry business mindset wedding florist

Hey Zoe, tell us a little about yourself! How did you discover floristry, what's your business name, where are you based, what's your floral style, dreams, goals, life story?

My business is...

Design Day Recap: Meg from Will & Wild floral design flower education learn floristry mentor mindset

Last Thursday was spent flowering with the talented Meg from Will & Wild, who subconsciously wore the best outfit ever (we didn't even communicate on the colour palette!) at our...

The "Do Be Have" Mindset business business growth floral career mindset

Fun fact, my business does not have a business birthday.

I could probably give you the general year and month but I could not tell you the day that I started my business and there is actually...

"Don't be afraid to let them see you trying" business growth community floral career mantra mindset

I have a new Mantra and she's a juicy one.

Let's backtrack. Two weeks before Christmas, I was feeling yuck, walking around a shopping centre, attempting to find an outfit I liked for the many...