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Building a brand on TikTok with Bronte Rose business education floral career floristry business marketing social media tiktok wedding florist

At just 24 years old, Bronte Rose has already made a name for herself as the owner of The Flower Posse. One of their unique talents outside of floristry is her ability to capture the essence of her...

Blooming on TikTok: Rosie from Know The Rose business business growth education floral career floral entrepeneur floristry business learn floristry sustainability tiktok

Inspired by the idea of wildly unique, hand-made creations, designer Rosie Browning began experimenting with dried flowers after seeing a growing disconnect from the natural world within society.


3 Ways Florists Can Connect With Their Audience business growth education floristry business marketing tiktok

If you're a florist on TikTok pouring your creativity into beautiful, aesthetic videos but not seeing the engagement and growth you desire, it might be time to work on connecting with your...