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Complaining about your job won’t make people want to hire you

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The uncontrollable urge to blurt out every difficult, time consuming, back breaking, thorn piercing part of the behind the scenes floristry process to anyone who dares to question your value, raise their eyebrows at your prices or say “What’s included in the labour?” is real. I get it.

Floristry is one wildly misunderstood industry and I love when I see florists educating their audience and showing the grit behind the aesthetically designed cascading blooms. Occasionally, I see someone with the best intentions to educate fall short and land in the ”whingey” category. And it gives off the wrong message. The art of communicating value is showing, not telling.

Avoid the Pitfall of Negativity

While it’s important to show the effort involved, constant complaints can be off-putting to potential clients. I distinctly remember going to a cafe one day, it was super busy and the waitress looked run off her feet, but she stopped and complained to me about how her boss never rostered people on properly, they'd run out of everything and she was exhausted.

I remember my first instinct was thinking “Should I leave? Do you not want me to be here?” I didn’t want to be in a space or hiring a service or paying for something if they're not excited to serve me or not passionate about what they're doing.

If you put yourself in your audience's shoes, do you think they're going to want to hire a specialist service and pay thousands of dollars for somebody who doesn't really seem to enjoy it or who doesn't seem to want to be there?

Everyone Has Their Challenges

It's important to remember that every job has its difficulties. Everyone has their own challenges. And saying that floristry is hard is a fact, yes, but it can also seem a little bit out of touch when you don't consider that maybe other people don’t have a really hard job too. Instead of focusing on how hard your job is, consider empathising with your audience's experiences. This mutual understanding can foster a deeper connection and appreciation for your work!

Make Your Work Easier

If certain aspects of floristry are particularly challenging, it might be time to re-evaluate your processes. Perhaps there’s a knowledge gap you need to address, or maybe some tasks can be automated or outsourced. For example, if quoting takes too long, streamline your process to start quoting in under 15 minutes.

This is where you’ll build trust, show value and make your clients excited to book in a passionate florist who not only works hard but is also stoked to be there.

And importantly, showcasing the value of floristry

Despite its challenges, floristry has immense value. Here are some effective ways to communicate this:

  1. Daily Vlogs: Share behind the scenes snippets of your day to highlight the effort and expertise involved in your work. This transparency not only entertains and connects, but also educates your audience about the dedication required in floristry.
  2. Expertise Demonstrations: Explain the thought process behind your designs. Share what the client requested and how you brought their vision to life, emphasising your skills and years of experience.
  3. Transparent Operations: Be clear and straightforward in your business dealings. Detailed FAQs, open discussions about your services, and honest communications build trust and show that you’re confident in your craft.
  4. Positive Spin: Instead of framing your efforts negatively, put a positive or even cheeky spin on your challenges. For instance, explain the value of late-night venue cleanups by highlighting the convenience and care you provide to ensure fresh flowers and a hassle-free experience for your clients while they dance the night away.

If your clients aren’t quite seeing the value in your blooms, I have some more handy marketing ideas for your socials that you can effortlessly plug in and see the results. They’ll be signing those contracts, no questions asked.

Floristry doesn't have to be the hardest, most challenging, time consuming job. It can be a really beautiful, fun career with time off and profits in your bank account. So don't forget that.

I’ve put all of my thoughts, tricks, tips and knowledge into this handy little FREE guide ‘Effortless Marketing for Florists’. Simple actions to build trust, grow your following and sell flowers!