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What happens when you invest in yourself?

The fact that you are here means you have a passion for floral design and the desire to step up your practice. 

So, you're wondering what's...

The 3 Best Investments I Made for My Floristry Business business business growth community floral entrepeneur floristry business

We’ve been chatting inside our Wildflower Membership Group about the best investments we’ve ever made for our floristry businesses. I’m sharing three of the most...

The Best Business Advice I’ve Ever Received business business growth floristry business marketing

The best business advice I have ever received was game changing for my entire business mindset. It allowed me to grow so much quicker and really get past challenges so much better.

The advice was...

Free Guide: Effortless Marketing For Florists floristry business marketing social media

Social media marketing in theory is easy, tap your screen a few times and voila, your flowers are being viewed by hundreds and thousands of potential buyers.

When it comes to actually doing it...

Diversifying Income as a Florist over Christmas

December is a funny time in flower world - especially if you're in the wedding industry. Sometimes it's crazy and sometimes it's a little quiet.

For me, I choose to not take bookings during...

My Floral Journey - Ash, Owner of Film & Foliage and Wildflower Academy

When I began my floral journey over 12 years ago, I struggled to find up-to-date educational resources, sustainable techniques and a non-competitive community. Floristry really felt like a gated...

Is Building A Personal Brand Actually Worth It? brand business growth floristry business marketing personal brand social media

There has been a significant shift in consumer preferences, with more people choosing to support personal brands over traditional corporate entities. A study found that nearly half of consumers now...

Member Spotlight - Bek Novak Designs business business growth community floral career wedding florist

Hey Bek! Share with us your floral journey so far; How long have you been flowering for, tell us about your business, where you're based and what you love most about floristry:

I got my floral...

FREE Tutorial: Flower Clouds floral design learn floristry online education wedding florist

Learn how to create these Stunning Flower Clouds, completely foam free!

We love a versatile design in the Wildflower Academy and this floral creation can be used in many ways for weddings and...

Building a brand on TikTok with Bronte Rose business education floral career floristry business marketing social media tiktok wedding florist

At just 24 years old, Bronte Rose has already made a name for herself as the owner of The Flower Posse. One of their unique talents outside of floristry is her ability to capture the essence of her...

A wedding florist booking dream jobs using a simple Tiktok Strategy business business growth floristry business marketing social media tiktok wedding florist

A creative soul, Maddie Jaydee struggled to find her artistic niche throughout her childhood and adolescence. Floral design became the answer to her artistic yearning, and she has been a qualified...

Elevate Your Floral Installations with Flower Towers floral design learn floristry styling sustainability wedding wedding florist

Are you ready to level up your installs? Our Flower Towers are a must-have tool that every eco-conscious florist dreams of. These versatile structures are here to revolutionise your floristry game,...